The REFUGE2 challenge is open for participation!

Welcome to the 2nd version of the Retinal Fundus Glaucoma Challenge! 

REFUGE2 will be organized as a half-day Challenge in conjunction with the 8th MICCAI Workshop on Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis (OMIA), a Satellite Event of the MICCAI 2020 conference in Lima, Peru.

REFUGE challenge is partnering with OMIA to widen the opportunities to present your work at MICCAI. In addition to the traditional oral and poster presentations of OMIA, REFUGE offers the chance to try your software on a real challenge this year with fundus images.

The goal of the challenge is to evaluate and compare automated algorithms for glaucoma detection and optic disc/cup segmentation on a standard dataset of retinal fundus images. 
We invite the medical image analysis community to participate by developing and testing existing and novel automated classification and segmentation methods.

REFUGE2 challenge consists of THREE Tasks:
  1. Classification of clinical Glaucoma
  2. Segmentation of Optic Disc and Cup
  3. Localization of Fovea (macular center)  -- NEW Task added

Event Summary

Technical Report Guidelines

Please notice that your technical reports MUST include the following details: 

Dataset(s) used for training and model selection.

Description of the criterion applied to partition the data into training and validation.

A figure with the schematic representation of the proposed method.

Input data. Full image? Only the ONH area? 

Full description of any preprocessing strategy, including any color mapping, normalization, contrast enhancement, etc.

Description of neural network architecture. If a standard network, describe every modification.

Programming language (Python, Matlab, ...) and deep learning framework (Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, ...).

Training details, including: optimizer, learning rate, batch size, etc. Use this as a reference:

Full description of any data augmentation techniques (transformations, parameters, etc.)

Full description of any postprocessing of the model outputs or any process to produce the final outputs.


[Link to Github repository with the code] is OPTIONAL!


  • Mar 15: REFUGE2 opens :)
  • Jun 10: REFUGE2 registration opens. If you have registered REFUGE before, then you do not need to make registration again (REFUGE2 and REFUGE used the same registration).
  • July 1: Team Registration on CMT opens.
  • July 20: Validation dataset is released.
  • July 20The Submission and Evaluation OPEN. The leaderboard will be updated at 7 pm (PST) every day. You are only allowed to submit results five times a day. The leaderboard is based on the latest submission and previous results on the leaderboard will be covered by the latest submission. The submission rule details are shown at website:
  • July 21: Leader board for validation dataset is on the page:
  • Aug 07: ATTENTION!Important news!
    • 1) At least one member of each team who attend the final challenge on Oct 08 must made registration on MICCAI website ( (
    • 2) Please choose "SATELLITE EVENT REGISTRATION". The registration fee for satellite event is 50~100 USD. Registration before Aug 17 will be more favorable.
    • 3) "SATELLITE EVENT REGISTRATION" is valid for all workshops and challenges.
    • 4) If you have registered for MICCAI main conference, there will be a discount for SATELLITE EVENT REGISTRATION.

How to Participate?

If you want to participate in the challenge, you can register at the website, download the training and test data, submit the results, provided you agree with the rules of the challenge.

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions. 

Related RULES are copied as below for your reference.

  • Anonymous registration is NOT allowed. All information entered when registering a team, including the (TRUEName of the contact person, the Affiliation (including department, full name of university/institute/company, country), and the E-mail address must be COMPLETE and CORRECTThe abbreviation is not allowed.
  • Incomplete registrations will be removed without notice.
  • Redundant registrations will be removed without notice.

Important Dates

Mar 10, 2020: 

Challenge opens. Training data is from the REFUGE challenge (1200 images from 2 types of devices).  All the 1200 Fundus images (training 400 + validation 400 + test 400) in REFUGE are set as the training dataset of REFUGE 2.

Jul 1, 2020:

Jul 20, 2020:

Team Registration on CMT opens.

Validation dataset and evaluation opens.

Aug 10 20, 2020:

Semi-final submission deadline.
Aug 21, 2020

Technical report TEMPLATE GUIDELINES release (see ABOVE, which is also available in the CMT system - submission form/instructions - top rows when you submit or edit a paper).
Sep 5, 2020:

Technical reports submission deadline.
Sep 10, 2020:

Final submission deadline.
Oct 8 2020:

On-site REFUGE2 in conjunction with the OMIA7 workshop at MICCAI 2020.