Q1: My application was rejected, why?

A1: If you have been rejected, please check your profile information.

Common problems in the application: Incomplete profile information; Abbreviation; Invalid name.

Related RULES are copied as below for your reference:

  • Anonymous registration is NOT allowed. All information entered when registering a team, including the (TRUE) Name of the contact person, the Affiliation (including department, full name of university/institute/company, country) and the E-mail address must be COMPLETE and CORRECT. The abbreviation is not allowed.
  • Incomplete registrations will be removed without notice.
  • Redundant registrations will be removed without notice.

Q2: I have submitted my application, when can I be accepted?

A2: Generally, we will deal with the application in hours (not more than 24 hours).

Q3: Can I submit only one task result?

A6: No. When you submit the results, please follow the rules strictly. If you want to submit only one task result, you can use it to replace the corresponding item in the example which is on the details page. And then follow the rules to submit the results.